‘Ten Reasons Why APC May Win Ekiti Governorship Election’ By Suanusblog

By Nairaland Forum @SuanusBlog

The Ekiti State governorship election is scheduled to hold this Saturday. Although there are many other political parties participating in the crucial poll, political observers agree with ease that it is certainly a big battle between the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the main opposition, All Progressives Congress, APC. Interestingly, Gov.Fayose is not contesting yet he has over-shadowed the candidate of the PDP who enjoys his ‘episcopal anointing’ and is his current deputy, Prof.Olusola Eleka.

The election is very important to the APC a much as it is to the PDP. For the APC, it is about restoring hope, dignity, political and economic sanity to the state, welfare of the citizens and enhancing development in all facets of the state. The PDP mainly believes in CONTINUITY; Gov.Fayose good works must continue.
But at the end of the day, a winner will emerge; will it be the APC or the PDP or perhaps any other party through a surprise win, Suanu’s Blog in this piece examines why the APC stands a huge chance of emerging victorious.

1. To Restore The Dignity And Pride Of Ekiti State: The emergence of Gov.Fayose and is party, the PDP since 2014 has brought more shame and distain to the good people of Ekiti state. Good governance appears to have been completely thrown into the ocean while mediocrity continues to be celebrated. Gov.Fayose has brought governance to a humiliated and embarrassing him. More so to an extent that it becomes a national embarrassment with people from other places asking how come Ekiti people decided to settle for that kind of character despite the huge intellectual prowess and collection of responsible citizenry. Gov.Fayose has unfortunately also transferred that strange mentality to his learned deputy who could be better described as his puppet. Apart from those who share some toutish mentality with Gov.Fayose, many other Ekiti people are more concerned about seeing a generally responsible leadership in the state instead of the roadside-pomo-eating politics and other shameful unending dramatic episodes that have been emanating from Ekiti State so far.

2. Experience: Dr.Kayode Fayemi of the APC is not only learned but an astute administrator with sufficient experience to fast track development in Ekiti State and provide good governance to its people. He has been there before and some of his enduring policies and those whose lives were impacted positively still long for and are excited about his second Read More

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